Detroit’s Streetlight Problem

Detroit’s Streetlight Problem

Nearly one-third of Detroit’s 65,000 streetlights have been dimming and burning out prematurely. While this may not sound like that big of an issue, not having functioning streetlights on busy roads as well as dark walkways can increase risk for car accidents and crime. 

The Public Light Authority of Detroit has filed a products liability lawsuit against the LED manufacturer in California because it seems that the LED lights are defective. The manufacturer should be held liable for the repairs of the streetlight as well as any injuries or crimes that occur due to the street lights being out. 

For example, if a car wreck happens because a driver isn’t able to see where they’re going, the LED company may be held liable. The repairs for the lights alone are going to cost between $8 and $9 million, and the City of Detroit is trying to ensure that they aren’t responsible for these costs. 

Detroit’s streetlight problem can be used as an example for all kinds of defective products. When you go to the store and buy a product, such as a children’s toy, an electronic, or a kitchen appliance, you never expect for that product to malfunction and cause any significant injuries. While products break all the time and we return them, a product defect that results in injuries is something different. 

Personal Injury Claims for Defective Products

What Michigan residents may not know is that when a product malfunction occurs, a personal injury claim can be filed for compensation. Using a Detroit injury lawyer as opposed to health insurance for claims such as this will ensure you receive more than just the basic coverage for your medical bills. 

Because defective products can involve negligence on behalf of the manufacturer, your accident should be properly investigated in order to hold all liable parties accountable for their actions. That way, when you receive a settlement for your injuries, you’ll be compensated for all of the damages you’ve suffered, both economic and non-economic. 

Knowing Your Options

It’s important to know all of the options you have after a significant injury occurs. If you rush through the recovery process and receive the first settlement amount that comes your way from your insurance, you can spend years in regret because you still have expenses to pay out of pocket. Taking the time to understand what’s available will do you well. 

No one deserves to be injured in a traumatic accident, whether it be from a defective product, a car accident, or an unexpected crime on the street, but when things go wrong, there are lawyers out there who can support you through the legal process every step of the way.

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