Injustice for Riders in Motorcycle Accidents

When addressing injustice in Michigan and surrounding areas, motorcycle accidents rise to the top of the list. Motorcycle riders who get injured on their bikes have a difficult time recovering compensation in civil court when someone else is responsible for their injuries because there’s stigma surrounding motorcyclists and they’re labeled as reckless and irresponsible riders.

Although motorcycle riders are sometimes at fault for their own injuries or the injuries of others, this isn’t always the case, and it’s important for the judge and the jury to assess each motorcycle accident cases individually with no preconceived notions regarding motorcyclist driving habits.

We see injustice against motorcyclists in the United States, but this injustice also occurs across Lake Michigan in Toronto. Jasmine Daya & Co explains that insurance companies often take advantage of motorcycle riders when trying to obtain settlements for their accidents. The insurance company may paint a picture of the biker as a careless gang member when this is far from the truth for most cases. 

How to Prove Who’s at Fault

To fight against injustice in motorcycle accident lawsuits, motorcyclists must hire experienced attorneys who understand the stereotype they may have to combat. If their legal team prepares for an uphill battle from the beginning, it can be easier to prove to the judge and jury who’s at fault for the accident.

The truth is that careless drivers—not motorcyclists—cause many motorcycle accidents on the road. With a thorough investigation of your collision, you can gather evidence, such as photographs, video footage, and witness testimony, to corroborate your story in court so the court has no choice but to believe you’re innocent and award you the settlement you deserve. 

Always Ride Safely and Do What You Love

Because motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than cars, people may always question why motorcycle riders make the choice to put their lives at risk; however, just because a motorcyclist rides a bike doesn’t automatically make them responsible for every accident they’re involved in.

The only way to reduce the stigma surrounding motorcycle riders is for motorcycle riders to continue riding safely and respectfully. Not everyone will understand why you ride a motorcycle, but that’s okay. With the right legal team to support you when you get in an accident, you can obtain a settlement to recover quickly from your injuries, and that’s what matters most.

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