Common Causes of Auto Wrecks in Milwaukee

When you drive around Milwaukee, you know you could be injured in a car crash. You probably try to stay safe, wear your seat belt, and follow traffic laws. However, you can be hurt no matter how carefully you drive because other people can cause an accident, and you can wind up injured.

Whoever caused your accident could be held liable, and many auto wreck victims will contact a Milwaukee Car Accident Lawyer for help filing a vehicle crash claim. If you are thinking about filing a claim, or if you just want to know what factors contribute to auto wrecks, you should read this list of common causes of vehicle collisions.

Understanding the causes of auto wrecks is important. It can help you prove a personal injury case. It can also help you avoid injury, because you will know what to watch out for.

The Leading Causes of  Vehicle Crashes 

Speeding and Other Reckless Driving Behaviors

One of the most common causes of vehicle crashes is speeding. Even if speeding wasn’t the only cause of a car crash, it’s often a contributing factor. Speeding can also make a crash worse, by making the impact of a collision more forceful. Speeding is dangerous, so don’t speed. Also, watch out for speeders when out on the road.

Drunk Driving

Drinking and driving is dangerous. Everyone knows this, yet some people still drink and drive. Even when people have the means to get a ride home, they often choose to put other people in danger. With Wisconsin having one of the highest levels of drinking in the country, this statistic is escalated even more. 

If someone caused your car crash because they were driving while intoxicated, you can hold them liable in civil court. They may even receive penalties in criminal court for drinking and driving and causing an injury accident.

Poorly Designed Intersections

Not every car accident is caused by a negligent driver. Sometimes, there can be other people who play a role in bringing about an auto collision. For instance, the design of an intersection or roadway can actually cause crashes. Poor road and intersection design is known to lead to accidents, and the government could be liable for your crash if this was a factor.

Always approach intersections with caution, and be careful on dangerous roads. While you may not be able to avoid every accident, you might be able to decrease your chances of being in an accident.

Defective Manufacturing

Sometimes, the very people who design and make vehicles are the ones who cause accidents. Negligent manufacturing can play a role in causing auto wrecks. For instance, a tire manufacturer could create a defective tire that blows out and causes crashes. Always check for recalls if you want to avoid accidents caused by manufacturing defects.

Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use is an obvious danger, so avoid this negligent behavior. Keep on the lookout for drivers who are engaging in distracted driving. You can prevent some accidents by knowing what to watch out for.

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