Speeding in New York: How Much Can You Really Get Away With?

Almost everyone has been guilty of speeding at some point in their lives. Sometimes, it is because they are in a hurry, and sometimes it may be to match the speed of other drivers in their lane. But how much speeding can you really get away with? If you live in New York or are visiting, the answer to this question can cost you hundreds of dollars.

If you are speeding just above the posted limit and see a state trooper by the roadside, it is a good idea to simply wave to the officer. More often than not, they will think it is someone they know. If you are stopped by a policeman, keep your hands on the steering wheel while you wait for the policeman to approach you. When you see the officer, smile and greet them.

Do not ask if you were speeding or admit to it. If the officer says you were speeding, you could politely request that you be let off with a warning. If you are given a ticket, do not argue or be rude.

Speeding in New York: How Much Can You Really Get Away With?

State troopers say that speeding and driving over the posted limit causes one third of the fatal crashes on New York roads. And this is why they enforce the speeding limit strictly. And to this end, they use high-tech tools like radar and laser devices that are effective in multi-lane traffic.

To understand the cost of speeding tickets, you need to comprehend how New York categorizes them. If you are caught speeding over the posted limit by up to 10 mph, you can be charged about $90 to $150. If you are over by 11 mph to 30 mph, the ticket may cost you $180 to $300. The maximum speeding ticket, which can carry a fee of $360 to $600, is for offenders who are driving more than 31 mph over the limit. One could also be penalized for inappropriate speed. Repeat offenders can expect higher fines.

In New York City, speeding tickets are handled by the Traffic Violations Bureau or TVB. Offenders cannot hope for plea bargains because the TVB does not offer them. The speeding ticket is not restricted only to the fine you have to pay. There will also be a mandatory New York State surcharge. Furthermore, the ticket carries points on the driving license.

Dealing with Speeding Tickets in New York

The first thing you need to know about speeding tickets is that you should not plead guilty. Your Long Island speeding ticket attorney will study all the details of your case and will represent you in court. In most cases, lawyers are able to have charges dropped without any fines or penalties. If this is not the case, then they will argue to have the fines and penalties reduced.

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